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G. K. Chesterton – How I found out about him

Living in Orlando, FL, I’m not exactly in the so-called "Bible Belt", but there is some overspill from other areas with more evangelicals or fundamentalists.  This meant that, as a Catholic, I was sometimes challenged (or had Catholic friends who … Continue reading

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Email Fraud in the name of Jesus

Today, I received an email from a "Melissa Pointer" that reads as follows:   FROM MRS MELISSA POINTEREmail: Dear Beloved in Christ, It is by the grace of God that I received Christ,Having known the truth, I had no … Continue reading

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Columbus, Christianity, and Education

Reaction to the article at:   For some reason, those same folks that want to rewrite history (which, admittedly, sometimes needs to be done, for accuracy’s sake) also seem to want to debunk Christianity.   The give-away in this … Continue reading

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