Columbus, Christianity, and Education

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For some reason, those same folks that want to rewrite history (which, admittedly, sometimes needs to be done, for accuracy’s sake) also seem to want to debunk Christianity.
The give-away in this story is the line:
"Instead of a narrow, sanitized, disturbing version of our creation myth, students could achieve a far greater awareness of how the American continent was ‘discovered.’"
The tone of the article seems to be that we need to expand, correct, and generally improve how discovery and exploration are taught in our schools and our culture.  This could just as easily have been stated by using the words, "Instead of a narrow, sanitized, disturbing version of our *history*, students could…", the author chose to use the words, "creation myth" – a term of great siginificance, now that we are in a debate about teaching "intelligent design" alongside "evolution theory".  It not only implies that our history as a continent, a nation, and a culture are false, but it also takes a swipe at "intelligent design" as a "myth".
The final piece of evidence comes from the fact that the author also wrote a book that links the expulsion of the Moors from Europe and the Spanish Inquisition with Columbus.  These events, though contemporary, are hardly worth mentioning in an article about discovery and exploration, unless 1) the author of this piece is giving his book a plug, and/or 2) the author has an agenda to try to discredit Christianity (in particular, Catholicism) as a corrupt fraud and a myth.
Catholics have apologized many times over for the Spanish Inquisition – an act, not of the Church as a whole, but rather of a power-mad, overzealous man trying to impress a monarch.  The Inquisition is regretable, but the sorrow and sincere apologies since are more proof of the Truth of the Church than the Inquisition itself is evidence of Christianity being a myth.
Do not get me wrong – I think Columbus should probably be relegated to a place among the explorers, rather than central and above them.  I just do not believe that Christianity should be knocked down while going about that change.  We shouldn’t throw the Christ Child out with the boat water.
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