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Response to complaint about “Converts’ Zeal”

This comment to "Converts’ zeal" was posted at 11:34AM EDT:  I will apologize right upfront if I sound at all judgmental (the cardinal sin of the secular world), but I feel the need to point something out. First, my credentials: 33-yr-old … Continue reading

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abortion a “hard sell” for activists

Well, this is interesting! In the past 30 years, I don’t ever recall reading any articles in mainstream magazines or newspapers saying that pro-life groups were having trouble recruiting for activism, especially marches.  But that’s what we’re seeing on the … Continue reading

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Abortion and the “free speech” double-standard

Well, I would hope that anyone who read this article would be able to spot the blatant attempt to spin vandalism into free speech, but there are other things in the article that I’d like to point out, in addition … Continue reading

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Thursday 13: Now that Easter has passed

Now that Easter is over (although technically, it is not over until the Octave of Easter is over on Divine Mercy Sunday), there doesn’t appear to be anything else to look forward to until Easter.  However, if you’re not part … Continue reading

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Quote of the day – April 20, 2006

"The liberal charge of ‘hypocrisy’ has so permeated the public consciousness that no one is willing to condemn any behavior anymore, no matter how seedy. The unstated rule is: If you’ve done it, you can’t ever criticize it — a … Continue reading

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Why should we flee Lent, Good Friday, and Easter?

I waited a week after posting the comment below to see if it would actually be approved/posted on the site, Blast of the Shofar, but I guess it was not found acceptable, so I have decided to reproduce it here.  … Continue reading

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Talking about “Things I learned this Lent”

From Thursday 13: Things I learned this Lent I do not yet know enough – about Church teachings and history, as well as about good speech writing – to be able to write good homilies (yet). I also do not yet possess … Continue reading

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