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Reprint of “Remembering Roe v. Wade – a call to penance and prayer”

Thanks Jimmy for this link.  An archbishop’s comments about our national day of penance and prayer, January 22nd.  Well worth reprinting.   In His Lightby Bishop Allen H. Vigneron Remembering Roe v. Wade – a call for prayer and penance … Continue reading

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Second Holocaust and Catholic perspective of Israel

The New York Sun published an opinion piece called, "The Second Holocaust", which gives a detailed account of a scary (and very possible) scenario of a showdown between Iran (specifically under Pres. Ahmadinejad) and Israel that results in Iran nuking … Continue reading

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In vitro baby saved from Katrina (and research!)

Noah Benton Markham was rescued from Hurricane Katrina 16 months ago.  However, he "entered the world" this morning via c-section, according to the AP news article. Embryo saved after Katrina is born By JANET McCONNAUGHEY, Associated Press Writer Tue Jan … Continue reading

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H.R. 3 vote and Amniotic Stem Cells announcement

While waiting for news of how the vote on H.R. 3 went, I decided to see if anybody else had written anything about stem cells and this upcoming vote. I found this post which talks about the media distortion of … Continue reading

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Stem Cell quiz

Check out the Stem Cell Quiz at Google videos, and be sure to email it to a friend/co-worker/etc. who may not know everything they should know about stem cell research.  (And don’t forget to tell your congressman to vote against … Continue reading

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The purpose of this blog

I’ve received comments in the past regarding this blog that have me concerned.  It seems that some are getting the impression that the purpose of this blog is to show all that is wrong with the world, in order to … Continue reading

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Birth Control Pill linked to children’s allergies

Not that we needed any more proof that the birth control pill is bad news, but now there’s a study that claims that the birth control pill raises the odds of children having nasal allergies. The team found that, compared to … Continue reading

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