another Terri Schiavo averted

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:

A married couple has some difficulties in their marriage. One of them ends up in the hospital, diagnosed as "brain dead" (a very subjective term in the "science" of medicine). After being declared brain dead, but kept alive with a feeding tube and air tube, their spouse signs an order to have the tubes removed. The family of the "brain dead" person pleads with the spouse to no avail. They then go to the courts to get the feeding tube replaced.

Am I talking about Terri Schiavo? No, because this person is still alive, because the courts allowed the family to feed him again. He is now awake and communicating.

Injured man’s awakening called ‘miracle’
PHOENIX — Eighteen days after his wife

instructed doctors to disconnect food and water tubes, a Chandler,

Ariz. man is sitting up in his hospice bed, giving the thumbs-up sign

and communicating with visitors.

Jesse Ramirez Jr.’s awakening, which friends

called "a miracle," occurred after his sister, parents and other

relatives went to court and obtained an emergency order for feeding and

hydration tubes to be reinserted, reversing a directive given by his

wife, Rebecca Ramirez.

Judge Paul Katz announced the news Tuesday

during a Maricopa County Superior Court hearing. Relatives had been in

a three-week battle over the 36-year-old postal worker’s fate, and who

should control it. Ramirez suffered brain injuries in a May 30

automobile accident. He regained consciousness on Sunday.

"He is awake," confirmed Judith Morse, an

attorney appointed by Katz to investigate legal, ethical and medical

issues. "He is able to respond to verbal commands. He is aware of who

he is and who his family members are." No further information about

Ramirez’s condition was available.

Morse also announced that Rebecca Ramirez and

her in-laws had reached a settlement in the dispute over Ramirez’s

care. An independent guardian will be appointed to make medical


Let’s hope that we, as a society and a culture, learn from the Terri Schaivo mistake and err on the side of life.


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