Finally, a true authority speaks…

In the abortion "debate", so much of the argument boils down to emotions, which then degrades to ad hominem attacks, while straying from any facts and figures.  It is because of this type of downward spiral that it is always refreshing to have someone with intelligence, a calm demeanor, and all the facts available who is able to guide us to a logical conclusion.

May I present to you: Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian supermodel, ex-girlfriend of noted environmental expert, Leondardo diCaprio, and now moral theologian and Bishop of Brazil.

According to this Reuters article, Gisele believes that, "Church opposition to condom use was

ridiculous and women should have the right to choose on

abortion."  Her basis for this radical new position on the abortion issue?  The facts – specifically:

when the Church

made its laws centuries ago, women were expected to be virgins.

"Today no one is a virgin when they get married … show me

someone who’s a virgin!"

This reminds me of a conversation that I had with my in-laws a few years after my wife and I got married.  They knew that we were waiting until marriage, before we had sex, but they thought we were in a very small minority.  My father-in-law said, "Boy, I bet there’s not many people like you two."  We replied, "As a matter of fact, we’ve been to 4 weddings this year, and 3 of them were of virgins marrying virgins, while the 4th one was a virgin marrying a girl who reformed her life and had remained celibate for over 5 years prior to marriage."

There is a common misconception that everybody out there is having sex before marriage.  This used to be known as peer pressure, but now, it is no longer just your peers applying the pressure – it appears to be the entire society.  In reality, over half of all teenagers are choosing abstinence and virginity, and that number is on the rise (53% in 2003, compared to 46% in 1990).  Furthermore, those virginity pledges are starting to have positive returns.

Gisele, maybe the reason you don’t know any virgins is because of the sexually over-charged industry you are in.  Part of the reason so many celebrity marriages fail is because of the lack of true intimacy built up over time during a celibate dating relationship.  Maybe models, actors, and other performers should just stick to what they do best (i.e., "look pretty and sound good"), and leave the morality to the experts (i.e., the Church).


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