More unvitations from Archbishop Burke

Looks like Archbishop Burke is laying down the law regarding anti-Catholic views in his archdiocese.  Now pro-choice, pro-ESCR Senator Claire McCaskill has been un-invited to speak at her daughter’s high school graduation.  Apparently, she was slated to speak at the high school graduation, but since the school gets the right to call itself "Catholic" from the archdiocese, the diocesan policies regarding public speakers must be followed, and that policy forbids granting a public forum at a Catholic institution to speakers who diverge from church teaching (in this case, being a pro-choice lawmaker and advocating embryonic stem cell research).

These politicians and celebrities need to realize that, even if they don’t agree with the Church about the eternal consequences of their advocacy, there are still earthly consequences as well.  Sen. McCaskill (D-MO) sold her right to speak at her daughter’s graduation for votes when she had Michael J. Fox make that commercial advocating embryonic stem cell research. 


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