In vitro baby saved from Katrina (and research!)

Noah Benton Markham was rescued from Hurricane Katrina 16 months ago.  However, he "entered the world" this morning via c-section, according to the AP news article.

Embryo saved after Katrina is born
By JANET McCONNAUGHEY, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jan 16, 8:56 AM ET

COVINGTON, La. – Sixteen months after being rescued as a frozen embryo from a hospital flooded by Hurricane Katrina, Noah Benton Markham entered the world Tuesday morning and was greeted by his cheering family.

The 8 pound, 6 1/2-ounce boy was born by Caesarean section at 7:23 a.m. CST at St. Tammany Hospital. He was in good shape, doctors said.

Before the procedure Rebekah and Glen Markham had decided that if their baby was a boy, he would be named after the biblical builder of the Ark. A girl would have been Hannah Mae — Hannah means "God has favored us."

Interesting choice of words.  He entered the world today, and yet the hurricane that hit New Orleans (which, last I checked, was a part of "the world") nearly destroyed him 16 months ago.  So, which is it?  Did he enter the world today, or did he enter 16 months ago?

The point is this: this child was saved by Roman Pyrzak, lab director for The Fertility Institute of New Orleans, and it makes headlines.  What are we to do about all those other frozen children (including any other Markhams who are in stasis)?

Were these children saved, just to be ripped apart for medical experiments?

Were they saved just to be thrown out?

Or were they saved in order to be birthed, so that they could be "born again" and saved by the Blood of Christ?

The answer lies in the free will of men and women.  What will we choose?

UPDATED: Thu, 18 Jan 2007  10:55:10 – The headline has changed!!!

The same story (linked at:, as of Tue Jan 16, 11:17 AM ET, used to have the title "Embryo saved after Katrina is born" (see above).  The current title and opening lines are:

Embryo saved from flood is now a boy
By JANET McCONNAUGHEY, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jan 16, 2:04 PM ET

Rescued from a great flood while he was just a frozen embryo in liquid nitrogen, a baby boy entered the world Tuesday and was named after the most famous flood survivor of them all, Noah.

Noah Benton Markham — 8 pounds, 6 1/2 ounces — was born to 32-year-old Rebekah Markham by Caesarean section after growing from an embryo that nearly defrosted in a sweltering hospital during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

So, is the new headline implying that, even though the embryo possessed a Y-chromosome, it was not a boy until it grew some more in the womb? (Remember that the baby wasn’t even technically "born", i.e. passing through the birth canal.  Noah was removed via c-section.)  What kind of scientific and categorical determination is being made here by an AP reporter?  If not, then why the headline change and overwrite of the link?  The link that had the prior headline is now at

Words are how we process and express thought and the words we use (or don’t use) say a lot more about our message than our message alone says.  This change of words is an attempt to remove life from the cycle of life, because we aren’t supposed to believe in a divine creator (and therefore a divine purpose behind creation).

But we’re supposed to believe in an unbiased mass media…


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