H.R. 3 vote and Amniotic Stem Cells announcement

While waiting for news of how the vote on H.R. 3 went, I decided to see if anybody else had written anything about stem cells and this upcoming vote. I found this post which talks about the media distortion of stem cell research. I went to read it to find out their take on it, thinking they would also attempt to debunk the mainstream media claim that embryonic stem cells are our only panacea.  Instead, the blog post questions the timing of releasing news of a discovery of stem cells found in amniotic fluid, believing it to be an attack by the mainstream media against promoting embryonic stem cell research.

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing that the mainstream media is on the offensive against embryonic stem cell research, especially when they will trot Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve (God have mercy on his soul) out there to promote the wonders of killing babies for medicinal purposes, yet they ignore the message of another Parkinson’s sufferer, who happened to write an entire book on the subject. Therefore, I posted the following comment on their site:

I, too, questioned the timing of the article about stem cells in the amniotic fluid. I knew that these had been discovered a while ago, but it didn’t dawn on me that there might be a "media timing" issue until I talked with my sisters and some of my friends about this.

You see, H.R. 3 is coming up for the vote today, but it has not gotten a whole lot of attention, due to media frenzy around Ms. Pelosi, as well as Pres. Bush’s address last night. The "looky-loo" was in full swing, because I called my congressman to give my take on H.R. 3, and lo and behold, I got through on the first attempt. Same with both of my Senators. This is very unusual, which tells me that either nobody cares about this vote, or nobody was aware it was going to take place. This is where the beginning of said "looky-loo" comes in.

When I called my sisters and friends to tell them to contact their elected officials, they were puzzled: "Wasn’t there just a discovery of stem cells in amniotic fluid? They wouldn’t vote on using embryos if there’s a dilemma-free alternative…" This was not just the case with my family – it was also the case with many of my friends, with varying degrees of education and political awareness. They all knew about the amniotic stem cell discovery, but none of them knew the H.R. 3 vote was going forward anyway.

The timing of the article was not to draw criticism to the House bill – it was to deflect attention completely away, under the assumption of, "problem solved! No vote will even take place now…"

I hope that you will check out the transcript to the stem cell quiz which is currently available on Google videos. I would be interested to hear a rebuttal to any of the points mentioned. (It is only through debate on both side that we can all come to the truth.)

We shall see if I receive any comments to the transcript.  As it stands, though, I also believe that we deserve better than embryonic stem cell research fraud, even if the researcher who discovered the amniotic stem cells says ESCR should still receive federal money.  (Wouldn’t you say the same thing, if it were possible that the place you work would receive gobs of money based on your opinion?)


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