Birth Control Pill linked to children’s allergies

Not that we needed any more proof that the birth control pill is bad news, but now there’s a study that claims that the birth control pill raises the odds of children having nasal allergies.

The team found that, compared to children whose mothers had not used oral contraceptives, those who had taken the pill within a year of becoming pregnant had a 67 percent greater likelihood of having a child with allergic rhinitis, or nasal allergy.

When will women realize that "the pill" is not only not safe for them or their future children – it also has not made them free.  If I were told that I had to take a pill every day for 30-40 years, just to have a 90% chance that a recreational act will not result in life-altering consequences… well, I’d give up that "recreation".  (Oh yeah, and that unnecessary medication also has all kinds of side-effects, from occasional bleeding to damaged children to outright infertility.)  Let’s hear it for freedom from God’s natural plan… *crickets chirping*


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