Is the Planned Parenthood CPC email an urban legend?

After posting about the CPC (crisis pregnancy center) story and Planned Parenthood, I saw that some other places (such as Real Choice, Generations for Life, and Jivin’ J) believe this to be an urban legend.  After I re-read the email at a more critical (and less emotional) angle, I noticed that it does, in fact, hold all the markings of a type of urban legend known as "Inboxer rebellion" emails.

So, I submitted an email to the Urban Legends website, in the hopes that they will investigate this email, to see if it is an urban legend.  I laid out my case as follows:

  1. I know people who work and volunteer at a CPC, and this is not something they do, nor is it something they condone.
  2. the article doesn’t specifically mention the PP office or CPC by name (similar to the "I heard that this girl and this guy…" – warning signs that it’s a rumour, not factual)
  3. nobody at PP noticed that this CPC was using a misleading name and tried some court action against it? hard to believe…
  4. if there was harassment at school, how would they have documented this, and wouldn’t it already be an open lawsuit on multiple charges? wouldn’t there have been real news coverage, not emails, about this? even harder to believe…
  5. the email ends with a plea to stop government funding, not to stop the "false advertising" or "misleading names" or "intimidation tactics" of these CPCs – that’s a cop-out that the real point of the email is to target the supposed $60 million that CPCs receive in government grants (as opposed to the $254.4 million PP received in 2003).

Well, it seems that Generations for Life has done some further research that debunks the email and presents evidence that it is an urban legend.  He contacted the Indianapolis Police Department (after deducing that the only PP clinic in Indiana that shares a parking lot with a CPC is in Indianapolis).  Turns out they never got a report of intimidation, nor of any sort of call about a CPC.  Same thing when he checked the Marion County records for lawsuits against a CPC in Indiana – none.

In the name of truth, will they admit this is an urban legend?  Doubtful, since John 8:44 applies so accurately to Planned Parenthood: "You belong to your father the devil and you willingly carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies."

Any question why Catholics must stand against Planned Parenthood and all abortionists?  Please pray that all people involved in the culture war will come to the Truth.


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7 Responses to Is the Planned Parenthood CPC email an urban legend?

  1. Unknown says:

    I was being charitable in referring to it as an "urban legend". The proper name for this story is FRAUD. CPCs should get up a class action suit against PP for libel. Right now.

  2. Unknown says:

    You can go to the FBI\’s <a href="">Internet Crime Complaint Center</a> and file a report. Put "0" in the dollar amount, since you\’re a third party rather than a victim.
    If we push hard enough, maybe the people behind this will be doing a new dance soon: The Perp Walk!

  3. Unknown says:

    You people are all crazy.  You think that if you call this story an "urban legend" or shout "fraud" all over the Internet, then people will automatically fall in line with your nonsense. The story is easily verified by Googling the words "planned parenthood" and "cpc". My results turned up a WISH-TV story that was aired in July, 2006. Accompanying the original piece were quotes from the girl and her mother… but the most damning contradiction was actual video footage of same, along with a comment made by local police. In more recent months, PP have begun filing lawsuits against CPC. Surely, they don\’t plan on making a case out of fresh air.
    As I said, this is easily verified with a simple search. I will continue to call your decrying comments into question. You people are like a cancer to normal society. You profess peace and love and then work tirelessly to destroy the lives of people you don\’t have to care about.
    Shame on you!

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