Crisis pregnancy centers and Planned Parenthood

I saw this post on the Feministe blog, and I had to leave a comment (or 5 or 10).  (I’ve left comments about this before at ProgressiveU – those comments are here and here.)

According to a recent Planned Parenthood email, a 17-year-old girl mistakenly walked into a crisis pregnancy center thinking it was Planned Parenthood, which was next door.

Planned Parenthood – a truly unbiased source when it comes to abortions.  We would not expect any distortions of the truth from this source, especially regarding their "competition" (i.e., people who are "stealing their business").

According to Planned Parenthood crisis pregnancy centers across the nation “have received $60 million of government grants.”

And how much has Planned Parenthood received in government grants and contracts? I believe that for FY 2002-03, the figure was $254.4 million, according to their own annual report. Seems like a paltry comparison to me.

And the best part? It’s funded by your tax dollars.

Yeah – we’ve been saying the same thing about federally-funded abortions for years. If the country really is divided 50-50 about abortion, why should one half have to pay for the activities of the other half? Let’s call a truce, with the condition that neither side receives taxpayer dollars, for domestic or international purposes. What do you say?

From iblamethepatriarchy:

It seems extraordinary that nobody in the real Planned Parenthood clinic perceived that a fake Planned Parenthood clinic had sprung up next door.

One would think!

Perhaps the truth is that the CPC was not posing as a Planned Parenthood office, but rather as a "women’s health center", which is the convenient misnomer that abortion clinics call themselves to the public. (See Orlando Women’s Center, an abortion clinic in downtown Orlando.) Now, why is it that the abortion clinics are not clearly labeled "Planned Parenthood" or "Orlando Abortion Clinic"? Not our fault PP is using "easily misunderstood" names for their offices.

When I asked her what a sonographer was, she was curt: “It’s someone who can do your sonogram.”

In other words, these clinics further discourage women from getting actual medical care.

Actually, I noticed that she never went on to ask who those "sonographers" were, what their qualifications might be, or anything else of the sort. She just made an assumption that they were not technically or medically qualified to handle sonogram machines.

I know for a fact that the JMJ Life Center (see, that word "life" is right in this CPC’s name!) just got their first sonogram machine, but they have 2 nurses and a doctor (an ob/gyn no less!) who are the only ones that run the machine.

In other words, you lied – I’m sorry – deliberately made assumptions that back up your point of view, without regard to the facts (a charge often leveled at pro-lifers).

Speaking of charges often leveled at pro-lifers…

Ideally, they would open their doors to low-income pregnant women who want to give birth, and they would offer those women actual healthcare services, well-baby care, and other resources. If that’s what they actually did, you can bet I’d be first in line advocating for them to receive more funding.

Good – when will you be sending your donation to the JMJ Life Center? (They just had a wonderful charity fundraiser dinner with Alan Keyes as keynote speaker that I attended just last Friday, and I plan to blog on later.)

As you can see from their website, they offer: pregnancy tests, crisis intervention, maternity clothes, baby supplies, baby furniture, formula and baby food, children’s clothes to 4T, educational literature, mentoring to new mothers (all free of charge). They also offer referrals for: medical needs, social services, continuing education, housing, financial assistance, adoption, post-abortion healing, natural family planning.

So much for, "They care about life up until the moment of birth"

Are there some places that are not as good as others? Like with anything else that’s made of humans, of course there are "bad apples". (I fully expect the spin that I’m "downplaying fraud by calling it simply a bad apple".) But that should not be a blanket condemnation of all of the good that all the others do.

Otherwise, I’d have to blanket condemn every single Planned Parenthood center, not only as baby killers, but also as incest and pedohile cover-up centers, because they allow underage women to get abortions, without reporting the person who got them pregnant. (Even though there have been several court cases that proved these PP centers guilty.)

God bless.

BTW, RealChoice is trying to get this investigated by as an urban legend.


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