more desperate pro-choice attacks

It looks like the incident at NKU is just the beginning of a trend.  Now, Pro-Life blogs has not just the story of a woman who was attacked while peacefully protesting abortion – they have video footage of the assailant tackling Rose Mawhorter (of Vancouver, BC) and hurtling obscenities at her and others who tried to help her!  (Anyone note the double-standard of "freedom of speech" as well as "pro-choicers are just concerned about women’s safety"?)

These attacks show the reality of the abortion "debate" – abortion is coming to an end, and the enemy is getting nervous.  When backed into a corner, with no visible means of escape, the enemy will fight twice as hard, including using desperate tactics.  (Yet they still trot out the long-past examples of abortion clinics being bombed as evidence that we are more desperate, more dangerous, and more hypocritical.)

However, if this is the best they can do (tackle us physically, because they can’t take us on intellectually), we would do well to remember the lessons of South Dakota.  Everyone feared that it was too soon to outlaw abortion – Planned Parenthood would sue immediately to force a showdown in the Supreme Court, where there was not yet a certain pro-life majority.  What happened, though, was that Planned Parenthood did not (could not?) sue – they have decided to focus their efforts (and money) on other ways to attempt to combat the SD law, because they fear the showdown in the Supreme Court more than we do. 

South Dakota made us realize that, when we stood up to the pro-choicers, like we stood up to the former Soviet Union, we found we were facing nothing but a paper tiger.  "We can do all things through Christ, which strengthens us." (Philippians 4:13)  As a result, Mississippi and Louisiana have followed suit.  Can the rest of the nation be that far behind?


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3 Responses to more desperate pro-choice attacks

  1. Unknown says:

    Yay, more hypocrisy!You complain about violence against anti-abortion protestors. While I don\’t disagree that this is a terrible thing, anti-abortion people are hardly the only victims of harassment and violence.Abortion clinic bombings, anyone?*sigh*

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