More email fraud in the name of Jesus

Today I receieved an email from a "Sharma Adenuga" ( or or if you wish to add "her" to your blocked/spam email filter).  It reads as follows (colors are from the email, not my choice):
You can now email me at:

Beloved In Christ,

Greetings in name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Mrs Sharma Adenuga,a widow to Late Chief Martins Adenuga. Am 69 years old and a new Christian convert,suffering from long time cancer of the blood (Leukaemia) According to my doctor my condition is critical and I might not survive. Although as a christian,I beleive God and I know that I will not die,but will live to declare the glory of God. My late husband and my only son were killed during the Ogoni Crisis some years back and Our Lord Jesus Christ is my only comforter.

I have the sum of Eighteen million,five hundred thousand US Dollars ($18.5m) The fund is presently deposited with a financial company for security reasons and all the documents concerning the fund are in the custody of my lawyer. I inherited the money from my late husband who was an industralist and international businessman. I have prayed concerning this donation for God’s guidance and if in your heart you geniunely and faithfully desire to use this fund for the propagation of God’s work in any form whether for charity, ministry, evangelical work or otherwise in relation to God’s work,do get in touch with me for further arrangements with my lawyer on how you will receive my donation.My alternative email addressis(

God bless you once again and as you receive,give God all the Glory.

Regards and God bless you.

Mrs Sharma Adenuga.

sharma adenuga

As with the last time, I had to respond in the following manner:

Dear Sharma,

I am deeply sorry, not just for the loss of your husband and your sickness, but for the grief of your soul, that you need to reach out to strangers, in the name of Christ.

When calling upon Christians to help in your time of need, I always find it helpful to remember Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:2.

It is also helpful to remember Acts 19:13-16, where the demons destroyed those that falsely claimed the name of Christ.

Beware, for you attempt to deceive in Jesus’ name – this blasphemy will not go unpunished, unless you repent now and make restitution for all you have done. Hopefully, you will not end up like Mrs. Melissa Pointer (see!6E0753BD56367285!158.entry).

May God have mercy on your soul,


"To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it."

G. K. Chesterton – A Short History of England
When will people learn?  You cannot seek profit from the name of Jesus at the expense of others without being destroyed yourself.  Again, pray for these people, for they are either so poor that they need serious help, or they are (more likely scenario) members of a crime gang involved in worse things than merely bilking people of their money (e.g., drug smuggling/dealing, as well as any of the crimes you see on the news about African warlords and crime lords).


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