Stripper turns to Christ

The AP newswire has an insprirational article called "Former Stripper Not Typical Evangelical".
Although her techniques may not be among the most common techniques for evangelization (e.g., her website includes "glamour photos" and plays up her sex appeal when she goes to porn conventions), one cannot deny that Heather Veitch is doing the Lord’s work.  She is actually following the words and example of Christ, in that she is reaching out to sinners where they are.  <Correction Wed, 22 Feb 2006  15:30:46> "God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you there." – from Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado. (Thank you for the source of the quotation.)
Granted, this falls into the category of "do not attempt this on your own", but she can do this because she used to be in that very profession.  She is better able to relate to those she is attempting to save, and much of the Gospel message involves relationship.  Jesus didn’t call the "holy" or self-righteous, but rather he called the common folk – fishermen, tax collectors, shepherds, and, of course, prostitutes (or shall I say "those in the sex industry").  He called them, not because fishermen are better homilists or prostitues are better educated about philosophy and religion – he called them because they can relate to more people than can an ivory tower "holy" person.
It’s one thing for people to condemn actions that promote a culture of sex (as in the article in the UK’s Evening Standard "Beyoncé ‘pimp culture’ blast"), without offering an alternative.  Such an attitude replaces one false hope with another false hope – according to the article, Dame Anita "has no regrets about the time she and Gordon devoted to the business, despite comments by Sam [her daughter who owns her own business, the erotic emporium Coco de Mer] that she and sister Justine, who now works for the Body Shop in Amercia, hardly ever saw them."  She condemns others, yet she doesn’t "see the beam in her own eye" (Matt 7:3-5; Luke 6:41-42).
It’s another thing entirely that Heather Veitch is doing.  She is going where other Christians cannot go and doing what most Christians do not do – she is going into the dens of sinners and offering salvation through the remission of their sins.  She is living what was told to her in the Gospel: "Neither do I condemn you. Go, (and) from now on do not sin any more." (John 8:11)
Please pray for Heather and her ministry (JC’s Girls Girls Girls), that she will win souls to Christ and not fall back into temptation herself.  Also, pray for your own strength, that you will have the courage and faith to present the Gospel to those you can best relate to, be it your co-workers, schoolmates, or family.
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