Teen murderer is not juvenile or insane – our culture is

According to the AP article "Teen Held Without Bail in Fla. Beating":
On Monday, Circuit Judge Steven P. DeLuca ordered Daugherty, 17, held for 21 days under juvenile detention and ordered a psychological examination. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether to charge Daugherty as a juvenile or an adult.
If Thomas Daugherty is allowed to cop an insanity plea and doesn’t get tried as an adult, there is no justice.  All the marginalized will forever be victims, and any punk who can act crazy and get their parents to pay enough for their own freedom will be allowed to commit whatever crimes they want.
Charging someone as a juvenile is meant for when they do not understand what is going on (i.e., a 5 year old playing with daddy’s gun and shoots his neighbor).  This thug is 17 years old – 1 more year will not have taught him what he hasn’t learned in the previous 17: that relentlessly beating someone (homeless or not) with a baseball bat is wrong!  There’s nothing magical about the 18th birthday – it’s an arbitrary line drawn by the states, for the sake of setting a limit on how young a citizen can be recruited or drafted into the military.  It is constantly meaning less and less that someone has achieved maturity.

Our society has so adopted the culture of death that all the marginalized at any stage of life are thought to be sub-human, and therefore not worth keeping around.  A short list of the unwanted/undesireable/burdensome that a society that supports moral relativism has trained us are not deserving of life:

  • human embryos (they are human)
  • retarded or mentally-challenged people (they are human)
  • handicapped people (they are human)
  • hospitalized people (they are human)
  • crippled people (they are human)
  • homeless people (they are human)
  • incarcerated people (they are human)
  • brain-damaged people (they are human)
  • terminally-ill people (they are human)
It’s no wonder these teens thought they’d get away with – who cares about a sub-human person anyway, right?  46 million babies have been killed for reasons of convenience; just over 1,000 criminals have been killed for vengeance; over 200 of the terminally-ill, brain-damaged, and handicapped have been killed for "mercy" in Oregon alone – countless more have been killed by supposed "loved ones"; what’s 1 more homeless person added to the list of America’s proud achievements?
Sounds like we’re raising a nice little neo-Nazi generation with no respect for the life of anyone different from them.  But then again, who’s to blame for the Holocaust?  Was it Adolf Hitler’s fault?  Was it the fault of the German state that put him in power?  Was it the fault of the the German culture and society that was silent and tolerant of the Nazis?  Or was/is it the blame to fall on the philosophy of moral relativism that not only allows, but even advocates eugenics ("chlorinating the gene pool") and euthanasia ("good death")?
There are moral absolutes – things that are always right and things that are always wrong.  One of the most basic of these absolutes is, "Thou shalt not kill."  Teaching this and making this understood might just help someone to become a mature adult by the time they’re 18 years old.
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