Resolution to Ebay auctioning Eucharist

According to Spirit Daily, the Ebay-auctioned host was returned to the Diocese.  Apparently, the person who made the winning bid, Bill Osbourne of Cupertino, California (according to an article at The Cedar Rapids Gazette Online), is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Bravo to this member of the army of the faith, defending the honor of His Lord and Saviour.  I think he deserves the "Quote of the Day":

"Any minute I waited, it could have fallen into the hands of a witch or Satanist. That’s Jesus in that Host!"

Thank you to all who petitioned eBay – apparently, your efforts have borne fruit.  Please read the full story from Spirit Daily. It is worth reading how the actions of some faithful who are willing to stand up for their beliefs can make a difference, even in light of an indifferent online community.

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3 Responses to Resolution to Ebay auctioning Eucharist

  1. Unknown says:

    The idea that someone would even try and sell a Host is upsetting to me. I hadn\’t heard of this until reading about it on this site. Furthermore, as an Anglican Priest, I find it ironic that Ebay would try and sell our Lord when the Church gives him away for free at every Mass and yet few and few peole come. Hmmmmm. Please continue the fight and know that you are in my prayers! Pax Vobiscum,Fr. Mason Paramore, OSB

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