Interregnum – time without a pope

For those that are interested, here are some links that you might find interesting, regarding this time without a pope, as well as the election process for a new pope.

Remember that this (being without a Pope) has happened 263 times before, and the succession of Popes (like the succession of all bishops) is part of the Divine Plan – we need not fear, even though, for most of us, we have no recollection of a time (as a Catholic) without John Paul II as Pope.  It is disorienting, but it is not disheartening.

And remember to continue to pray for John Paul II – although we believe him to be a great man and hope that he is in Heaven already, we must keep him in our prayers, until his canonization.  Please pray for him, as well as to him, especially that we might be blessed with another pope as wonderful as he.

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